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What Is Proofreading?

The word proofreading comes up with the combination of two words: proof and reading. The word proof dates back many years and means an early printed copy. In the old times, when computers were not in service, letter tiles were used on huge plates (the proof version) to print out a page. Before printing the page, the proof was used to send for a final check to the publisher. The one who performs the final check was named as a proofreader. The term proofreader has still been used widely since then, and the act of final check has been performed by those proofreaders. Basically, proofreading is the action to read and correct mistakes in writing including academic and journal papers.

Basically, proofreading is the action to read and correct mistakes in writing including academic and journal papers. Proofreaders or linguistic experts read any given writing such as a book, a research paper, an essay, an assignment, an article, a poster, or a presentation, and make corrections, especially in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting. It is the process applied for the final draft of writing to ensure consistency and accuracy. These corrections are vital for a clear understanding of the paper. There are many software or tools in today’s digitalized world to recognize irregularities in papers during the proofreading process; however, as writings become more serious and technical as software or tools do not help as much as professional proofreaders.

Why Proofreading Is Needed?

While writing, especially on intensive topics, it becomes hard to realize mistakes or irregularities although some writing tools help at the basic level. Too much time spent on a paper causes temporary dullness which leads writers to make mistakes as well as not realizing them. Even famous writers or editors can miss mistakes during their checks. Therefore, after completing the writing, authors need to spend a great deal of time correcting mistakes, formatting, or numeration to make the output consistent and valuable. Proofreading is necessary for all kinds of writings to make them be easily understandable, be gripping as to attract readers, be acceptable as an academic or scientific reference, and be suitable for publishing by fulfilling the requirements of publishing orders. Any work matured with adequate proofreading also interests publishers which is a natural earning in the publishing arena. Moreover, no author wants a distracting work affects the audience with typos, grammatical errors, or contextual inconsistencies.

Who Should Get Proofreading Service?

Every person who seeks for creating valuable written work should get a proofreading service to leave a shining piece back for humanity. Besides, as a rule, every single book must be exposed to proofreading before getting published. Professional service provides well-designed checking over the whole written work with fresh eyes ready to catch any mistake. It makes authors save a great time rather than trying to proofread the written work by themselves. Self-proofreading can be hard for many people because of getting used to formatting, indexing, etc. In addition, spending too much time with writing may cause authors cannot to see mistakes because of getting used to the style. When considering proofreading, it is a fact that self-proofreading decreases the cost of publishing written works; however, although self-proofreading saves money, it spends the time that is much more valuable especially for writers. Ultimately, this service is advised for all who dedicate their time to written works and publishing.

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What's The Difference Between Editing Vs Proofreading?

Editing and proofreading are two different steps on the way to publish a written work. During the editing process, editors correct problems for better sentence construction and language clarity. Good editing ensures improved readability, clarity, and tone for the written work. The writings of an author are redesigned for a smooth narration. Proofreaders however apply a shallow check for written works. This check is the final step performed before publishing a study. Proofreaders commonly look for misspellings, wrong or missed punctuation, irregularities, etc.

How Many Types Of Proofreading Services Are There?

These services vary out there. Academic, translation and bilingual, print media, monolingual, and stylistic proofreading services can be said main groups for this service. However, there are some other groups and subgroups based on the needs of written works. Academic written works contain many styles such as research papers, theses, journal articles, project papers, etc. Thus, academic proofreading service needs experts who are aware of differences between these paper types. In addition to regular linguistic rules, these experts should also be comfortable with style guides for headlines and sections, accent differences, table and figure formats in different styles, and footnote usage. Since academic people publish written works so often, this service is immensely popular, among others. The academic world accepts English as a science language; therefore, many academics around the world need this service to publish their studies on international platforms and to make them worldwide accessible.

Translation and bilingual proofreading services mainly focus on translated texts. Translation service is commonly referred to as bilingual service. This service reviews translated texts not only for regular linguistic rules such as grammar, spelling, or punctuation but also for the harmony of the translation with the original text. Therefore, these proofreaders must be comfortable with both the source language and the target language. They also need to know common translation mistakes well between those two languages.

Print media proofreading service covers magazines, newspapers, book publishing companies, and online proofreading services. Therefore, it is the best-known service among others since media products can be reached easily worldwide. Basic linguistic rules are applied in this service as well as formatting, text sizes, spacing, and font choice since media products are mainly delivered virtually. Experts for this service generally use a printed copy to check for mistakes and disorders (on a visual product) rather than a virtual product on a computer screen. A monolingual proofreading service simply focuses on the translated text but not the original text. Experts in this service are monolingual proofreaders that cannot write or speak the source language. Therefore, they consider only target language rules in translated written works. A stylistic proofreading service is for marketing materials generally in which proofreaders create shiny effects on the writings to fulfill customer needs and to provide needed impact on marketing materials.


Proofreading Service For Medical Students

There are also proofreading services for medical students. The most important point in this service is the proofreaders are highly qualified medical editors that cover a wide range of medical disciplines. They aid with great knowledge of medical terms and phrases as well as basic linguistic rules. These proofreaders improve style and tone to ensure that the document is written in an appropriate form.

How To Make A Good Proofreading Practice

There are many ways to make a good proofreading practice, especially on the internet. Practicing can be either a hard or easy task depending on the way to learn the techniques. There are many online courses that teach how to proofread written works with useful techniques. The courses are mainly focused on the usage of language, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and other typographical errors. Many exercises are assigned to students for developing their linguistic skills for quite affordable prices.

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