How it works

How it works – Step-by-Step Explanation (SSE) –

You follow these paths when you decide to work with us

1- Send your paper (in a Microsoft® word file) to us in order to determine the price. After your article is delivered to us, the names of authors will be removed from the paper to protect their privacy.
2- After our editors investigate your paper, the price* and delivery date will be determined according to the language difficulty and the length of paper (within 6 hours).
*An urgent request for a quick turn around may affect the price. Normally the editing process can be done within 7 days.
3- Once payment is made, you will get an email validating that our editors have started working on your paper.
4- After the editing process is done, you will get the edited paper by email.

When you open the edited word file, you will see all the changes made by our editors (an example is shown below). Our editors use the TRACK CHANGES feature within the Microsoft® Word program, and you can see all the changes made on your paper. After agreeing to the changes, you can accept all changes by clicking “Accept All Changes” under the “Tools” menu if you use Microsoft office®.

(Microsoft office users will see the changes as below)

Our editors may comment to clarify any sentences written or if they have any questions/concerns. After you have the edited paper, please answer the comments and send us back no later than 10 days for FINAL editing. Please remember that if you exceed 10 days, then the paper will be edited as a newly submitted paper and charged again. Please write in red color when you answer or correct the paper according to our editor`s comment. It is advised to answer the editor’s comments before you send the paper to the reviewers.

Important: Please do not add or remove any sentences after the FINAL edit (mentioned above). We are not responsible for the addition or removal of any sentences after the FINAL editing. Therefore, please try to send us your paper just before sending it to the journal.

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