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Manuscript Editing Express

Manuscript Editing Express is a professional proofreading and editing service for any kind of writing including academic and journal writings. Weeks of research, months of readings, and days of writings should be accompanied by an impressive output, especially for academic writings. However, a writer should be checked and reviewed with some vital steps before ended with a printout. Principally for scientific or academic writings, the structure and the layout of the writing should fulfill the requirements to be accepted as scientific or academic, and each writing gives great responsibility to the author.

How it works

Why Manuscript Editing Express?

Manuscript Editing Express deals with all required works with great professionalism and keeps all studies confidential for each customer. Editing and proofreading services are mainly held by linguistics experts within the rules of philology. Typos, grammatical mistakes, syntax errors, and punctuation inaccuracies which affect writings adversely are corrected by those experts as to generate a professional version of the writing. Moreover, acronym, abbreviation, and technical term/phrase usage are checked for the consistency of the writing. Structural checks, clarity controls, and layout checks are also provided based on customer requests. Structural checks mainly focus on paragraphs, sections, and chapters as well as titles, headings, and numerations of figures and tables.

Manuscript Editing Express service also helps to check for repetitive information and redundant content. A literature review is important to support ideas with previous studies or to reveal differences with the presented ideas.

Transitions and integrity of the meaning between the sections should be consistent as well while presenting the literature review; therefore, the service assures customers that a well-edited version of the study will be delivered at the end of the service.

Another assistance by the service is to make readers understand the study of the author easily; thus, the presentation of concepts and logic in the writing is in the scope of the service.

Other supports by Manuscript Editing Express are general layout controls for the proper order of the paper and citation of imported information. Citing quotes are extremely important for the originality of the study; otherwise, the author of the study has to deal with plagiarism issues, which cause an unacceptable reputation for the author and possible refusal of the paper. Every year many authors face such problems due to inadequate citation checks in their studies. Thus, the service focuses on the reference list and searches for any missing citations to prevent any copyright violations.

Some Information

Cost Of The Service

Cost of Manuscript Editing Express service changes based on the services customers needed. Editing and proofreading costs are calculated based on word counts of the writing or hours spent on the writing. Word count is used commonly to calculate structure and clarity checks. Layout control costs are calculated generally based on per page worked. Citation service cost is calculated based on per source cited in the writing. Therefore, the costs of the services are quite changeable based on the requisitions of the customers. It will be a proper act to contact the experts to get the most up-to-date costs for the services.

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